The Conversation, both sides.
This will be a little tricky.  I may have to do each day as a  separate page.  Since I had to scan and add Her pages so that they are exactly like when they were posted, without names.
Hi!  This is to show the whole conversation.  Only things that will be changed will be the names of my family and people who have commented- they will be blacked out.  This is a blog for reading, not meant for following.  It is the first time both have been put together at one time.  Anyone now can see what she said and my answer.  I will try and stick as close as possible to the timeline.

Now this is my comment than hers.  After I read the above comment and reread the post I realized that " Needs to be said" was written in retaliation to my nieces call, It was the first time I actually started putting the pieces together of what I had been hearing, and to see that upset me very much and I wrote out of anger.  After years of avoiding this woman, to see how she used her blog to take digs at my family, I lost it.  Not one thing I said was a lie, sure I may have pushed it, but she just kept going!!  

Now my comments are still on my original blog, intact.  So will copy and paste here. ‚Äč‚ÄčThis was written on Sept 22, 2012 by me.
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After I posted this,  she promptly removed and wrote this comment.
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This is here so that she may tell me if I have order wrong. Not accuse me of altering etc. I can prove that these are in tack, unaltered.